Public Private Partnership Advisory

As infrastructure funding gaps escalate worldwide, Public Private Partnerships (PPP or P3) offer an increasingly valuable solution to the financial and administrative constraints of the public sector. However, P3 benefits are project-specific and can only be fully realized if all risks, requirements and opportunities are clearly understood by participants and stakeholders.

Beacon Group’s P3 Advisory practice is established in the context of these needs, to provide seamless integration of technical, economic and contractual expertise across all asset classes and P3 markets. While providing the full range of in-house expertise required for the management and delivery of PPP bids, as well as in support of other infrastructure procurement, refinancing or development activities, P3 Advisory draws its greatest strength from Beacon Group’s diverse and world-leading technical capabilities.

Our ability to call on experts in every field from Clean Energy, to zero emission buildings, or from airport planning to container port optimization enables us to provide our clients with as comprehensive an array of services as may be required for any pursuit. Beacon Group’s offers several key advantages as a P3 advisory service provider, namely: world-leading technical and traffic & revenue forecasting expertise; a global footprint of local resources, and sociopolitical / legislative insight; and a one stop shop for any and all services required to assist in the delivery of P3 bids and other procurement, refinancing and development activities. Beacon Group’ P3 Advisory practice is also the single point of contact within Beacon Group to our strategic partner; Swiss Infrastructure Fund, with a mandate to identify and support investment opportunities that fall within its remit.

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