Since 2006, Beacon Group has played different roles in the complete preparation, analysis, design, construction and management and inspection of energy structures, high voltage transmission lines and distribution systems in the Nations of Africa. We enjoy an excellent working relationship with the National Power Companies and Rural Electrification Agencies in Africa who has entrusted us with much of the energy infrastructure development of their countries.

Company specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in designing power transmission lines and electrical substations, as well as construction management during the installation of overhead transmission lines and underground power cables, and maintenance consultation. We intend to be the leader in the provision of environmental and engineering services for the power transmission and distribution (T&D) community. We target both network owners, such as transmission and distribution utilities, and network users, such as generators, electricity consumers and rail network operators.

Our team of engineers, planners and environmental specialists provide a full set of services required within the electricity supply industry. We specialize in environment and property services, institutional reform and development, strategic planning, power systems analysis, power quality, project feasibility development, detailed design and construction for networks of national scale and for all system voltages up to 800 kV AC and 500 kV DC. We focus on system reliability through asset management, system renewal and asset whole-of-life program development, which is dedicated to managing the performance of the aging T&D infrastructure.

Our T&D team is active in realizing a 21st century energy grid economy that is founded on comprehensive utilization of renewable energy, distributed generation and demand-side participation. We help fulfill the promise of a sustainable future through lowering the carbon emissions of the power sector. Our T&D project work includes the following:

  • Transmission and distribution analysis and network planning
  • Power generation systems analysis
  • Substation and transmission line design
  • Power system protection
  • Communication
  • SCADA, metering and energy management systems
  • Load dispatch centers
  • High voltage underground cables
  • Transmission and substation siting and land planning
  • Sub-soil investigation and earthing systems
  • System efficiency and loss reduction programs

Currently, Beacon Group is negotiating with different governments and government power agencies on projects design and an environmental impact assessment and construction of two, overhead transmission lines for running from the proposed geothermal power plant into an industrial site near the city, a total distance of 100 km.

Projects in other countries include construction and maintenance consulting for power transmission lines. The company, apart from design, planning and construction elements of power transmission, Beacon Group is also responsible for the on-site inspection, repair and maintenance of power net, protection design and studies, environmental impact assessments, feasibility studies and quality control.

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