Comprehensive, well-coordinated procurement services are an essential component to meeting the demands of fast-paced, capital intensive projects. Beacon Group provides a full complement of procurement support activities…from kick-off meeting to the receipt of site materials and equipment.

Through our interactive approach of working closely with engineering, construction, client, and vendors, Beacon Group reduces overall project purchasing costs, mitigates industry risks, and reduces the level of effort expended to purchase commodities, engineered components and equipment, and construction and vendor subcontracts.

Experienced personnel and established procurement systems enable Beacon Group to support the entire purchasing function for any of your projects and for any of your needs. Beacon Group frequently customizes these services to fit the Owner’s project and organizational requirements. Because of this, our role frequently changes from Purchasing Owner’s Agent to Direct Purchaser.

Services include:

  • Bid Analysis & Negotiation
  • Bid Tabulation & Evaluation
  • Bidder Lists Budget
  • Development & Tracking Contract
  • Administration Equipment
  • Purchasing Estimates & Proposals
  • Expediting Funding Requests
  • Inspection Services
  • Materials Management
  • Procurement Package Preparation
  • Report Preparation
  • RFQ Preparation
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Subcontractor/Vendor
  • Award Recommendations
  • Scheduling & Performance Tracking
  • Sourcing Subcontract Preparation
  • Subcontract Insurance
  • Review Terms and Conditions
  • Total Installed Cost Estimating
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Vendor Document Handling
  • Vendor Qualification & Certification
  • Project Procurement
  • Strategy & Management
  • Purchase Order Preparation

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