The Mannvit geothermal exploration team offers the full range of services within geothermal exploration and development. The Mannvit team can manage the entire geothermal exploration effort, from initial reconnaissance stage to resource management of the developed geothermal field, or defined parts of the process as the Client wishes.

Examples of services and methods:

  • Review and interpretation of existing data, data mining and desktop study
  • Geological mapping, e.g. structure, stratigraphy and thermal manifestations
  • Geophysical exploration such as resistivity, gravity, seismic and geodetic measurements
  • Geochemical sampling and analysis, geothermometry, assessment of corrosion and scaling
  • GIS services and cartography
  • Geothermal databases and data management
  • Conceptual modeling
  • Well siting and well design
  • Well site geology and drilling supervision
  • Well coring program and logging
  • Well testing and stimulation program
  • Geothermal resource evaluation for feasibility studies
  • Geothermal reservoir assessment and classification according to Geothermal Reporting Code
  • Geothermal reservoir modeling including statistical, lumped, distributed and multiphase
  • Geothermal reservoir monitoring
  • Surface runoff and groundwater modeling
  • Environmental modeling
  • Underground cold and heat storage
  • Assistance with funding applications and licensing procedures
  • Software development
  • Teaching and training

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