Geothermal project developers are aware of the importance of risk mitigation during the most important phases of their development. Successfully connecting the well to the geothermal aquifer is amongst the most important tasks undertaken during the project implementation. This will determine the success of the whole project. Owing to the long history of geothermal experts with us, Beacon Group has amassed significant expertise and experience in this unique field, which is not directly transferable from other industries.

Beacon Group offers experience of our people and our tools in providing drilling, tools and engineering services for geothermal drilling as well as acting as the client’s representative during third party drilling. Beacon Group services for geothermal drilling include: •

  • Well siting and pad preparation •
  • Well design •
  • Bid preparation and tender evaluation •
  • Supervision and Service of drilling contracts and projects •
  • Well logging •
  • Drilling engineering •
  • Mud logging – on-site geology •
  • Stimulation •
  • Inspection of rigs, equipment, materials •
  • Well work-over programs •
  • Environmental reports

Beacon Group provides a wide variety of services, rental tools, and equipment sales to support both drilling and completion operations.


Beacon Group is set to partner with Scientific Drilling International in our drilling operations to provide the following services:

  • Directional Drilling
  • Vertical monitoring
  • Drilling Optimization
  • MWD
  • LWD
  • Magnetic Ranging

Tool Rentals:

  • Stabilizers
  • Monels
  • X-Overs
  • Bit Subs
  • Roller Reamers
  • Down Hole Motors
  • Jars and Shock Subs

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