Beacon Group is set to become a leader in geothermal district heating and is organizing itself to offers comprehensive design and consulting services including: surveys, piping systems, systems analysis, flow calculations and measurements, water catchments, supply mains, distribution systems and pumping stations.

Our experts have played a significant role in the development of geothermal district and municipal heating since the early 1980 and is now involved in geothermal development projects, including district heating, all over the world including, in the USA and Europe. Africa is soon opening up to the uses this abundant source of geothermal energy for many applications beyond space heating and hot water for homes and businesses including, greenhouse heating, snow melting, fish farming, thermal spas, swimming pools and more.

Benefits of Geothermal District Heating include: 

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Economically competitive
  • Reliable source of energy
  • Improved air quality
  • Price stability vs. fossil fuels
  • Stable energy prices
  • Multiple domestic and industrial uses
  • Offers competitive advantages to industry
  • Improved public image

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