Beacon Group has the wealth of knowledge and know-how to be able to effectively and efficiently be involved in Fire & Safety projects in many of the biggest construction projects, along with small and middle sized projects in Africa. Through our people, we have a well-built extensive knowledge and experience based on skilled and well-educated staff members.

Beacon Group offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary and high-level consulting in all fields related to fire safety and risk management. Our engineers provide fire safety consulting to a wide spectrum of clients, e.g. architects, contractors, real estate owners, fire brigades and more. Fire & safety of new and older buildings is evaluated, ensuring code compliance with all currents laws and regulations along with performance-based design.

Beacon Group’s risk engineers have extensive experience in risk management, helping employers or authorities to improve safety in connection with industry, industrial processes, explosive atmospheres, Oil & Gas, public buildings, and transportation. This includes as well management of various other risks such as industrial fire and explosion risk, chemical risk, CE marking of machinery, occupational health and safety risk assessments construction risk and environmental risk and more.

Evaluation of risk or determination of risk class is the process where each risk is being compared to appropriate acceptance criteria. Beacon Group can assist employers to fulfill safety and fire requirements in the workplace. Legal requirements for employers described are set to ensure employees the minimum level of protection from fires, explosions and similar events arising from potentially explosive atmospheres due to the presence of hazardous materials (gasses, flammable liquid or dust) in the workplace.

Beacon Group can provide full compliance by carrying the following tasks:

  • Conduct a risk assessment and identify the required control measures
  • Provide guidance on the elimination and mitigation of the explosion/ fire risk
  • Carry a full hazardous area classification and drawings
  • Create an Explosion Protection Document (EPD) describing the measures taken for compliance
  • Provide advice on equipment selection, appropriate training, working procedures. and maintenance.

Beacon Group provides fire safety consulting to architects, contractors, and real estate companies and conducts fire-safety evaluations of buildings, particularly in connection with the renovation of older buildings, ensuring code compliance with all current laws and regulations along with performance-based design.

There are many facets to consider in fire safety design. Examples include; flammability characteristics of building materials, sectioning of buildings into fire and smoke zones, escape routes, structural heat tolerances, predicting fire spread, fire warning systems, and fire extinguishing equipment.

Our fire safety engineers provide evaluations for building and planning, as well as in connection with industry, industrial processes, and transportation, applying their experience and expertise to diverse and challenging projects across the country.

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