Beacon Group technical staff averages nearly 20 years of experience per employee. This means that significant insight, know-how, expertise, lessons learned, and industry understanding is available for your use and benefit. However, beyond technical ability, our team is client and relationship-driven and focused on solving problems creatively and efficiently. This is why our engineering and design disciplines communicate so well with each other and work so closely as a team – we’re all on the same page.

Our commitment to technology-supported engineering is top-down and permeates everything we do. We have always recognized that effective engineering, design, tools and applications significantly enhance our staff’s ability to solve problems efficiently, accurately, and creatively. Although every project has different objectives, issues, and constraints, we engage each the same way…ensuring that our talented engineers and designers have the necessary technological tools to tackle any problem they may encounter.

Using the right technology at the right time, our staff is further capable of delivering more with fewer hours. These efficiencies allow us to provide, in a shorter amount of time and with greater creativity, multiple project options and paths for your consideration and selection. With a greater number of viable project options to choose from, you can be significantly more confident that your company’s exact needs will be met today as well as tomorrow.

You can also be assured that your entire fast-track project – from concept to final design – will be delivered with the quality and value expected. Specifically, one of the highest valued and efficient engineering/design methods employed to meet our clients’ need for a fast-track project lifecycle is modular design and construction.

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