Beacon Group is a leader in geothermal power development with decades of experience developing geothermal resources. The company offers a comprehensive suite of design and consulting services that can take a project from start to finish. Beacon Group geothermal energy projects involve harnessing high-temperature geothermal fields and designing flash steam power plants that produce electricity and hot water (combined heat and power), as well as designing geothermal power plants that produce electricity utilizing low-temperature geothermal fields via binary cycle.

The geothermal engineers, geoscientists and other company specialists at Beacon Group, and its subsidiaries, have innovated unique solutions to complex challenges involving geothermal heat utilization. Over the last few years, Beacon Group has integrated and established local knowledge of geothermal development with our expert’s experience. Look forward to establishing partnership with geothermal developers and agents in many countries as well as co-operation and partnerships with international companies within and entering the geothermal sector.

Thermal, Geothermal, and Nuclear Power

Beacon Group wants to play a major role in the thermal and geothermal power engineering market, by providing our clients with a broad range of services for steam cycle, gas and hydraulic turbines, and internal combustion engine power plants. We offer clients traditional engineering services as well as comprehensive advisory services relating to generation planning and financing, private participation, and client risk mitigation.

Our peoples’ experience in nuclear energy includes siting, permitting in support and construction, and operation licensing (COLA) for nuclear facilities and nuclear process plants. Working in client integrated teams – we provide management services for new build nuclear and decommissioning projects.

Beacon Group recognizes how important it is to plant owners and operators to deliver a technically successful project on time and within budget – and the more enduring issues of plant safety, reliability, maintainability, operability, and statutory compliance requirements. Our talented professionals take your project from concept to completion and beyond.

Thermal, Geothermal and Nuclear services include:

  • Combined and open cycle power plants
  • Geothermal power plants
  • Industrial cogeneration
  • Biomass and biogas
  • Clean coal technologies
  • Nuclear power plants

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